It's seldom for me to write an article in English, especially since this blog established. It always gets me busy to think how much photos need to be posted, or what kind of frame should I use for those photos....such as those kinds of things always around me.....Or I should use "get along" with me to discribe my status for these couple of years.


Something come up to my mind and drive me to write this article in English tonight. Sometimes I always wordering if I made different decision in my life, what will it be?? where will it lead me to? For example, if I choose different subject to stduy in the school, what kind of view in my life will comes up?? Or, If I choose different job afeter I graduate from collage, what will it be?? This kind of questions pop out in my mind recently...and it's very often

It is not so easy and surly to answer these questions, but it remind me a movie name"Forrest Gump", I know this is an old movie, but there're tons of useful message inside this movie. "Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get......" This is the most remarkable well-known saying sentence, at least I think it is^^


So, I think life itshelf is a unpredictable, we should try to accept it with best preparation instead of try to find the right answer. There is no such right answer in our real life.....

Above photo was taken by me during I went to "Lavender Cttage".....Few words only, but sample and powerful....I would like to share this to each of everyone who read this article.


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  • Arvin
  • i read your writings serious, that's right, sometimes, we will think what i will be if i have different decision. Love what you choose, and love what you like, keep going.
    When you can help people more, and give them the solutions, you will earn the different happiness.
  • Thanks.... I think it will gets better after all

    駒尼鐵客 Henry 於 2011/11/02 18:16 回覆